5 Best Self-Improvement Podcasts

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Self improvement and motivation are essential, as such humans are always looking for a way to improve and motivate themselves, this is because self-improvements geared you to success. Podcasts are one of the ways you will follow to self motivate yourself. Podcasts of a wide range of topics have been made ranging from depressions anxiety, weight loss, change of decision, and others. But not all podcasts have the ability to make you take that bold step to improve yourself, that is why we choose the best five podcasts for you!

The joy of procrastination;

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The Garyvee audio experience;

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The hardcore self help podcast;

This podcast is hosted by Dr. Robert Duff, a psychologist with deep knowledge of taking care of mental health. The psych answer questions concerning depression, anxiety, sex, relationship, perfectionism and other wide range of topics in a unique and sophisticated way. Dr. Duff goes live every Thursday and you need to listen to him even if it is once in a lifetime!

The minimalist;

Not another anxiety show;

This podcast is hosted by Kelli Walker who described it as “


All the above mentioned podcasts a empowering, educating and powerful to listen to. Choose a one or two among and follow it to improve your life and gear towards a successful living.

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