5 Spiritual Podcasts To Inspire Personal Growth

If you are curious about spirituality, now it is easy for you to create a personalized radio diet using these spiritual podcasts catering to your specific interests. In many parts of the world, you can see organized religion on the retreat. More and more people nowadays prefer to call themselves agnostics or atheists. Though religion loses its relevance, spirituality is growing as a man searches for the meaning of their existence. Most people are claiming that they are spiritual rather than religious. Also, you can see a growing interest in things like meditation and astrology. If you are also seeking interest in spirituality, here is a list of popular spiritual podcasts. Have a look.

Have A Look At Spiritual Podcasts You Must Follow 

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This list of spiritual podcasts related to religion and spirituality includes Christian sermons, Vedic astrology, Muslim slice of life stories, and undercover investigations with a tinge of skepticism.

AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast

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AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast is well known for using Vedic astrology to unravel the mysteries of human life. Vedic astrology gives importance to Moon signs and the effects and significance of lunar phases. This podcast can help you realize upcoming opportunities and challenges in your life during a specific period to prepare accordingly. Sometimes, the podcast features talks and messages by its founder, Dr. Bhaskara Pillai. And the best part is that this podcast is free. 

On Being

In this podcast, Krista Tippett talks to politicians, artists, scientists, and others to explore what it is to be a human and live a valuable life. Abstract concepts like beauty, nature, and loss are the main focus because they have the potential to shape our inner lives.

The RobCast

Rob Bell is a pastor who later evolved into a media personality with a very influential personality but a controversial Christian Figure. He offers the audience a progressive interpretation of the Bible. His denial that the hell exists and candid criticism of homophobic and anti-scientific attitudes of church earned him brickbats and bouquets. 

Tell Them, I Am

This show is not directly about Muslims, but it features Muslims exclusively. Misha Euchep hosts each episode, sharing an incident from her own life. She often talks about her real-life experience of migrating from Pakistan to the United States at 12.

Tara Brach

It is a simple podcast where Tara Brach offers the audience motivational speeches and guided meditations. Tara Brach is a psychologist and teacher of Buddhist meditation. Brach also explores lofty themes such as spiritual awakening apart from worldly problems such as conflict, insomnia, and anxiety. She also offers valuable tips to overcome blocks that create difficulty in pursuing a meditation practice consistently. 


One of the best things about spiritual podcasts is that they can help you make use of the time wasted otherwise in a very productive way. And the podcasts listed above will indeed help you to get in touch with your spiritual side. Hoping shared information is valuable for you.

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