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The first step to take when looking for a job is to identify what type of job you’re interested in. The next step would be to search online for opportunities. This can be done by using a search engine such as Google or a job board website such as Monster.com, Careerbuilder, or Indeed.com. The third steps should include contacting the employer directly by emailing them your resume, volunteering for an open position, or going to the company’s website and submitting your resume there.”

At this point, there is no difference between the two articles. Be sure to proofread your work before submission because it will be very difficult to fix mistakes after you submit your work. When proofreading, you should check for the following:

-Grammar and Punctuation errors (does my possessive noun have an apostrophe? Where is my comma?)

-Capitalization (there are no rules for capitalizing words in the English language that apply to every situation. You must learn these on your own or check with a teacher.)

-Usage errors (do not use “there are” when you mean “their”)

-Idiom errors (idioms are phrases that do not mean what they say. For example, “spill the beans” means to reveal a secret.)

-Spelling errors (AutoCorrect on your computer will not catch every spelling error.

-Punctuation errors (do not use multiple question marks or exclamation points unless you are flagging an important part of the sentence, and do not use a comma in place of a period or vice versa.)

-Possessive errors (make sure to add an apostrophe and an s when making nouns plural)

How to proofread your resume

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If you’re still having trouble proofreading, try using the Hemingway App. This app grades your work based on readability and will highlight errors in your text. This is helpful when proofreading because it allows you to go through the highlighted areas to make the necessary corrections. The Hemingway App also provides suggestions for improvement like using simpler words or breaking up long sentences.

After you edit your work, make sure to save a copy without any comments added; otherwise, you’ll have to re-edit your work when submitting it. After making the necessary corrections, save the document again and proceed with submitting your work. The last step is easy; all you need to do is wait for a response from the employer or hope that they contact you if they are interested in you.

Online job searching is less time-consuming than it may seem considering many of the larger companies have online application processes.

This sentence contradicts the previous sentence about online job searching being time-consuming.

Try to avoid making contradictory statements in your writing

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The best way to make your resume stand out is to tailor it to the specific employer you are applying to.

This sentence is redundant because “resume” means “to stand out”. “To stand out” and “stands out” are the same idiom. You can also get rid of the second “to” in the sentence since it is not needed.

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