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Self-improvement is an important aspect that should be followed by every individual in life for the scope of mistakes that can be covered. The article talks about the self-improvement ideas by renowned documentary narrator Alan Watts. Alan watts is a renowned philosopher who has actively narrated his views and thoughts on different topics of life. To the topic of self-improvement ideas, the thoughts of watts have been really firm and make you think a while before taking a final call on the conclusion. With the views within Alan does not mean with the views that one cannot improve within because the real self is nature itself and is perfect no matter what it is all about and even narrator does not mean that it is impossible to work on self and improve, he all means that there is no way to know how to improve the world within and further one cannot control the world overviews. The narrator also talks about how an individual can face issues in working on self as per the individual is as perfect to views one owns.

All Ideas Of Self Improvement Alan WattsIdeas From Documentary

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In the documentary which is narrated by Alan Watts himself the thoughts and ideas of self-improvement. In the video, he has claimed that self-improvement is a kind to a dog chasing its tail with the reasons given by him in which a major reason as an individual does not know what is needed as improvement and if knew before one would have already improved. But with philosophy, it is known that it is very clear that one is not capable of self-improvement. The thought of self idea improvement can be a task as one shapes themselves as the people who surround them. With the people surrounding the improvement can be done with the surroundings not with the self and thinking about is a true bogus idea. Even the general tendency one has to relinquish responsibility for the individual own life and its beliefs to someone who perceives as greater than one is, while in truth they are no less a human being that lives and found their truths of life.

All Ideas Of Self Improvement Alan Watts – Self Responsibility

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Self-responsibility is a part of attaining freedom and no one can hand us the self-responsible attributes. As per the narrator, the self-responsibility attributes must be earned as a good thing one owns and with full efforts.


It can be said with the views of Alan Watt that self-improvement is an improvement that is not right but an idea of self-awareness as well as self-knowledge which leads to an increased ability to regulate self to respond better around life and surroundings. If you are focusing on self importance and would like to focus on activities that will help you grow further then you need the right guidance and there is no negotiating with that. With the guidance of some people like Alan Watts, you might want to know how to proceed further in keeping yourself happy and healthy both physically and mentally.

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