Daily Positive Affirmations Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Daily Positive Affirmations (DPAs) are powerful affirmations you repeat with conviction to yourself. These words help you envision and cement in your head the way you wish to feel and react in specific circumstances. They’re often spoken in the present tense so that they reflect what you hope to experience in the future.

There are two main types of daily affirmations: goal-oriented and action-oriented. Goal-oriented affirmations help you focus on the positive results that will occur as a result of following through on your goals. Action-oriented affirmations assist you in manifesting these results, but in a more subtle manner. They can also help you change how you perceive or respond to the outcome.

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How Affirmations Help You?

Goal-oriented affirmations help you focus on the benefits you’ll experience if you accomplish your goal and reinforce this by repeatedly repeating them in your mind. For example, if you have set a goal to lose weight, you might repeat these affirmations, “I am going to lose weight! I am going to eat healthier food! I am going to exercise every day!”

Positive action-oriented affirmations focus on taking actions to reach the desired end result so that you can see yourself walking into the store that same day and buying the item you’ve set your mind to. You’ll be in complete control of the outcome, and the affirmation helps you maintain a state of optimism.

Practice Daily Positive Affirmation

You have to practice the use of a positive affirmation for it to be effective. It’s best to do it with a friend who can support you and help give you support when you don’t feel up to the challenge. When you’re using positive affirmation as an outlet to release negative emotions, you need to be sure to make it as sincere as possible.

Instead of thinking about something negative, such as losing weight, you could think about an alternative method for losing weight. You may find that repeating these affirmations with the alternative method in your mind allows you to view those aspects of your life as being much more positive than previously.

Steps To Daily Positive Affirmations

Step one in developing daily affirmations is to write them down on a piece of paper or write them down in a journal. You should then spend 30 minutes doing whatever activities you’re doing that gives you the desired effect. so that the affirmations become ingrained in your thoughts.

As you use the alternate method of repetition, write them down as you go, repeating the affirmation until you’re confident that you’ve completed each one. This exercise will make your affirmation stronger and more meaningful to you.

Next, write down your goal and what you have to do to reach that goal. The goal can be anything, as long as you can clearly visualize it. You can use pictures, but keep in mind that it’s okay to mix and match. Just remember to use your imagination, not to copy anyone else’s affirmations.

Next, write your goal in black or blue. You should use a picture or a drawing of the goal. The picture must be clear enough that you can actually see what you’re trying to achieve.

Repeat you’re positive statement one more time. You should repeat the affirmation until it’s inherits into your subconscious mind, which means that you can’t forget it.

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Daily positive affirmations you must believe in


Now that you have your goal in black or blue, create a daily affirmation for each day that focuses on the specific goal. You want to reach and that you’ll have clear visualization techniques to reach it.

You should try to get started with the goal, and once you reach it. Repeat your affirmation until you reach your desired goal. In addition, you’ll be repeating it every day. until it becomes second nature.

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