Drawing Materials-How To Choose

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In our childhood, we all like drawing, back then, tools and materials were not that essential to us and we were not considering them. A notebook paper and a pencil would often do the magic. But as we grew and became artists, the tools and materials that we use became crucial. The connection between quality artwork and materials becomes considerably along the way. Moreover, it’s not surprising that emerging artists desire to use the best quality materials possible. However, if you wanted to become the best artist, you may start to think about the materials you use.

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Drawing Materials-How To Choose

In this guide, we will mention some necessary drawing materials for artists. However, this guide is focused on white and black drawing media only.

Drawing Pencils:

The list started with the most apparent relevant material- drawing pencils. When we talk about drawing pencils, each artist will find a branded pencil that they connect with. There’s no best way to determine which brand is suitable for you until you try some famous brands.

Individual Pencils-Drawing Materials:

Most artists avoid using pencil sets because they will use only a few pens in their drawings. So they prefer to purchase personalized pencils. If you are one of them and prefer individual pencils, then 2H, 3H, and 2B I best choice for you.  Although the cost of graphite pencils is meager so anyone can easily afford it.

A Sketchbook:

We can say that art drawing is incomplete without a sketchbook. It is one of the essential materials an artist can have. Sketchbook comes in different types and sizes. But the actives sketchbook is an ideal choice for every artist. We all are preferred to buy a book with empty pages of drawing paper. But an active sketchbook comes with some art designs and beautiful pages.

Since the sketchbook considered an essential material of drawing, so it is crucial to select one that is long-lasting and has several pages for all your art designs.

Quality Design Surfaces- Drawing Materials :

We can draw on any surface, but sometimes the quality of the surface as vital as the paper that it is kept upon it. However, there are some things to keep in mind while selecting a drawing surface.

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Drawing Materials-How To Choose

The Tooth:

The texture of the paper refers to the tooth of the surface. The taste is an essential thing to know how the material is accepted on the surface for drawing. More massive textures will break easily and produce broken lines, while smooth texture produces perfect lines. But the selection of heavier and softer texture depends on the artist.


The term paperweight refers to the sheet that ream can handle. So, the importance of the paper is also an important thing to consider while selecting a surface.


By no means that all the materials, we listed below required for serious drawing. You need only surface and a mark-making media.

But if you are possessive about your work, then you are probably getting possessive about your materials and tools as well.

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