Is It Challenging For You To Finish A Notebook?

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We all are fond of purchasing new notebooks with amazing prints and crisp graphics. But why is it a challenge to finish a notebook? Why do we always buy them and keep them aside? We all love starting new notebooks with our new ideas as we love beginning from the new page but the notebooks are hard to finish. Making the first mark on the notebook is always alluring.

It is a task to fill and finish a notebook. But if you go for purchasing notebooks with a lesser number of pages, it might help you out in completing your journal early. Whenever you start a new project, I understand you would be searching out for a new fresh notebook to give you the feels to begin freshly. An unused, good looking journal represents potential, whereas an old journal does not make you feel innovative with your new ideas.

Notebook – A Challenge To Finish

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People lose their potential and focus. The idea of perfect thoughts in their heads thus does not match with what they note down on the notebooks. Hence, they feel discouraged. You should start writing once you have strong feelings, be it of excitement, grief, or even hopefulness. Nothing can then stop you from writing something amazing from your thoughts. Reach to that stage but slowly and steadily.

Once you start writing, think of different concepts going on in your head and divide the notebook accordingly for a fresh start to every segment. Though the technology has been giving various tools to say goodbye to diaries, the real thoughts are expressed fully on the pages only. The technology provides us with ease to communicate, but it works as a resistance to show the expression.

But we, unfortunately, blame technology alone and not our bad habits. Once an artist in a TEDx Talk mentioned, “Why don’t we finish things once we start?” It is because we get attracted to the happenings around us and forget our primary mission.

Finishing A Notebook Once You Start

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Once you start writing a notebook:

  • Keep it always beside you so that you do not get diverted from your main work.
  • Divide notebook in different sections to pour all your mixed feelings in a single notebook. This habit will thus help you to fill your journal quickly.
  • Make your notebook as a daily diary where you can write about how you spent your day and what all things you learned.
  • Write about all your fantasies. Your imagination is a great way to fill any notebook where you can share your feelings with ease. Jot down the scenario you dream of to explore your creativity.

Finishing a notebook might be a tough task as we get diverted to all the other things, but if we stay dedicated to keeping a hold on it, and then we can finish a notebook timely. Then, buying a new diary will be more fun and exciting.

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