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There are no inspiring statements than which people do give at the beginning of a new year. During this period, we find ourselves making new resolutions which if we can manage to stay focus and accomplish, the world be a better place to be since we could change it within no time. Unfortunately, this does not happen since most of the things we say at the beginning of the years end up to waste since we cannot even remember them just after a month as we tend to lose sight and track what we have vowed to accomplish.

To be able to keep on track all the things we may be desiring to achieve in life, there is a need to keep a record and keep on referring to them every time we feel like we are losing track – this where the importance of owning a journal comes in.

In the market, you will end up finding so many journals to a point you will be confused on which one to take. Of interest to note is that a perfect journal notebook is that which will keep you motivated and encourage personal growth as well as positivity.

1. Leather Bound Journal Diary Notebook

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This is one of the finest journal notebooks, which will help you keep on track and be able to accomplish all you have planned within a specific period. With this book, you stand a chance to eliminate all possibility of forgetting all that matters in your life since you will be able to note them down.

This journal notebook is considerably thick with 240 sheets meaning you have 480 pages to write on before thinking of buying a new one. This journal comes with plain pages and no lines, meaning you have no restrictions on where to write every time you open a new page. More so, you have the freedom to decide how every page will appear.

Another awesome thing about this journal notebook is that it has a leather cover which is meant to protect your notes. It has a dimension of 17x 12 cm and weighs about 400g, meaning it easily portable.

2. Leather Notebook Vintage Spiral Journal


Here goes another perfect journal notebook you should be ordering now since it comes with exceptional features that you can’t find on any other. The cover of this journal notebook is made with Pu leather and a compass designed on it. Also, the leaf pages of this journal notebook are removable, and so you can easily change and refill the page any time you wish.

Of interest also to note is that this journal notebook has an anchor and a ship’s wheel pendant offering it a vintage pirate look something you would always love to see. Also, they will be found in a couple of sizes, meaning you have a choice to select that which fits your needs most.

3. Bullet Journal Daily Art Planners

This is a high-quality notebook meant for bullet journaling. With this journal, you stand a chance to map out and also create your daily productivity list, which will, in turn, help you reach all your goals. With this journal, you can be as creative as you want and also add drawings and inspirational quotes from time to time.

These journals are available in blank pages, grid and also to do list variants meaning you have a chance to select which fulfill your needs perfectly. Moreover, these journals will be found in different sizes like the A5 (210 X 150 mm) or the A6 (150 by 114 mm).

With the above journal notebooks, you stand a chance to keep on track all the goals you might have planned to accomplish within a specific period. So, grab yours today and start a new chapter of life without having to lose focus simply because you forget those things that matter in life.

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