Is It Worth Maintaining A Planner?

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Many people believe that maintaining a planner is a waste of time and money as they trust their memories more. But in today’s fast-paced lives, it is not only natural to forget an important task but also impractical to remember each and everything you are required to do in a day or a week. A planner helps you do just that. You can count on it to be your own little personal assistant that can help you plan your day, jot down important notes, schedule your future events and be more organized. If you are still skeptical about whether you should splurge on it or not, read the following benefits.

Why Should You Keep A Weekly Planner?

It can be very much a written guide of what you should do in a week or in a day. You get excited to open your journal every day to know what your job for the day entails. If you are wondering whether you should splurge on a planner, you can start with a less-costly one, only to let you know how helpful it can be. You might be making your own notes in a diary, but this weekly guide gives you many more options, making it a very necessary tool.

Time Management

It helps you jot down your pre-scheduled meetings and deadlines for important tasks for the day. When you open your journal every day in the morning before starting your work, you get an idea of what you must accomplish in a day and by what time. You can roughly jot down the expected time-frame required to complete each task and this helps you better time management.


When you prepare your planner for a day or a week, you will get an idea of how much you are meant to complete in a day. But if you have more important tasks to be done within a limited time frame, your planner can help you plan things accordingly. You get the exact schedule of your work for a week right in front of you. This way, you can plan to outsource a few tasks if you are not able to manage alone or omit a few unimportant tasks if the time is less. Thus, a planner helps you with being more productive.

Important Occasions

The routine of daily life can make you forget birthdays, important events or anniversaries. But if you an electric planner, you can upload all these important dates and the planner will ping you a day before reminding you to wish your special one or plan a celebration accordingly.

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Is It Worth Maintaining A Planner?

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Is It Worth Maintaining A Planner?
Is It Worth Maintaining A Planner?

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