Podcast Growth – Social Media and Podcast Promotion

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If you are interested in podcasting or would like to be, this information will prove invaluable to you. You simply have to take advantage of it. In Podcast Growth, you will have the ultimate guide for increasing your audience, and making your podcast better.

This book draws from over a decade of experience, resulting in over 10 million downloads to date. Podcast growth is one of the fastest growing segments of the digital media industry. In this book, you will have insider tips and tricks for marketing your podcast, as well as strategies for attracting listeners. From how to get traffic to your site, to building relationships with recording artists, the authors take you through the entire process.

Playlist Creation

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With so many podcast directories and programs out there, how do you get your podcasts discovered? Podcast growth happens through the viral marketing system known as “playlist creation”. Podcasts that fail to gain an audience will simply fade into obscurity. The authors show you how to create your own playlists, so that you can easily attach a unique “anchor text” to all of your episodes. They even offer a bonus for creating the perfect podcast, including details on how to submit your first episode for iTunes submission.

When you begin to podcast growth, your next goal should be to build your list of subscribers. The authors provide you with a simple formula to determine the number of listeners that you need to attract, in order to reach a targeted audience of individuals who may be interested in the content of your podcast. They also tell you how to go about building your list, both via connectors and emails. Additionally, they take you through the basics of social networking, such as linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Training And Resources

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After your podcast growth journey has started to take off, the authors provide training and resources to help you promote your podcasts. These include giving you examples of how to use social networking, linkedin, and emails effectively. They provide you with a sample email that they used successfully to gain new listeners. Additionally, they provide you with a link where you can send one of your new episodes to an entire list of email recipients at once. This is an excellent way to generate interest in your new episode, as well as gain new listeners.

If you want to podcast later, Podcast growth has taught you how to prepare, record, edit, and publish your first podcast in nearly two minutes. Furthermore, it is not that difficult. The authors explain that podcasting is much like having a radio show. That is, your podcast must have its own theme, and your hosts must be experts on the subject matter that you will be covering. The hosts should be knowledgeable in the particular subject or niche that you are podcasting about. Additionally, your podcast should have a sound that is appealing to your potential audience.


As podcasts began to become popular, the industry began hosting “cast” webcasts where the hosts would actually “cast” live into their web cam to allow their listeners to listen in real time to their conversation. Many individuals are already familiar with this medium, as nearly every technological gadget today has the ability to do so.

Some podcast hosts still use this method today, but most have moved onto the more convenient methods of recording, publishing, and uploading. With the advent of the internet, these days it is far easier to upload and publish podcasts than it was several years ago. Podcast growth has improved dramatically in recent years and those that were unable to podcast before simply learned how to with the help of this helpful information.

Final Words

Podcasts have become very popular, and podcasters are finding new ways to promote them and gain new audiences. Those that were not successful in the past are learning how to use social media to better market their podcast, while the rest continue to promote their sites through various social media outlets. Both the internet and social media are being used by many podcasters and entrepreneurs to better market their shows and increase their audience.

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