Procrastination: Tips On How To Overcome It


Procrastination is a negative characteristic of a lot of people’s lives. You will always be pushing essential duties and tasks forward because of one reason or the other. Most times, these supposed reasons are pretty bogus and merely excuses to avoid an otherwise dull yet important task.

If you are fond of procrastinating, you will notice that your productivity often takes a major hit. At the workplace, you will always get caught up with deadlines. When this happens, you will often submit hurriedly done work, which is probably not up to standard. If you are lucky, you’ll get to keep your job.

Whatever the reasons behind it, procrastination isn’t welcome in any one’s life. That is why you should try as much as you can to avoid it. This article will give you a couple of pointers on how you can tackle the vice.

1. Accept That You Have A Problem

Procrastination: Tips On How To Overcome It

A lot of people will often deny that they are procrastinators. They will often claim that they prioritize one task over the other instead of ignoring the entire job. But however, you look at it, you are still avoiding one task in favor of another because it is easy or enjoyable.

Accepting that you have a problem will allow you to put into action measures to correct the vice. However, if you still ignore the fact that you procrastinate, then you will inevitably go on.

2. Commit To The Task

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Procrastination: Tips On How To Overcome It

After accepting your shortcomings, try to commit to the tasks that you have been avoiding. Draw up a timetable or planner for doing the tasks. Set deadlines for completing these actions and ensure you follow them to the letter.

Also, you can set apart time to do the things that bore you. On the other hand, you can give these tasks priority over other easier and enjoyable tasks. This will help you to do away with them.

3. Reward Yourself

To motivate yourself to do these boring activities, give yourself a reward when you are done with the task. Rewards will make you look forward to completing the said task.

Most times, people put off completing a job when the weekend is close. This is because they want to get out of the office. Nevertheless, if you can promise yourself a weekend treat such as a getaway after doing the job, then you’ll be encouraged to finish up on the task.

4. Consider Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is always in the bad books for influencing bad habits. However, it can still be used to help with procrastination.

Tell your friends to check up on you every once in a while and see if you are doing your work. This way, you’ll at least be scared of looking like a lazy bum in front of your pals. Also, this works in the same way as self-help groups.

5. Minimize Distractions

Distractions heighten procrastination. They encourage you to focus on doing other, more fun things instead of crucial tasks. You can turn off loud music, the TV, and even social media when you are set on doing an important task.

Finally, procrastination is a bad habit that most people wouldn’t admit to. However, if you do accept that you have a problem, these tips can prove useful in helping with the problem.

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