Self-Improvement Goals for 2021

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If you want to successfully evolve over time, you have to have some idea of how you want to do so. Hence this list. The ultimate list, perhaps. The only list of personal development goals you’re ever likely to need. You might already feel well versed in some or even many of these points, but there will be others that you look at, think about, and realize that you need to work on.

1. Develop A Growth Mindset

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Before you can begin the work that’s necessary to change, you have to believe that change is possible. That’s why it’s so vital to nurture a growth mindset first and foremost. Only then will you accept your potential and be willing to realize it.

2. Be Proactive

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You could wait for change to come to you, or you could go out there and make it happen. It’s important to remember that you can create opportunities for yourself AND take full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

3. Know Yourself

One-size-fits-all does not work for personal development. You have to know yourself, your traits, and your personality, and adapt your approach to best suit the type of person you are. Think along the lines of your Enneagram or Myers-Briggs type, only more refined.

4. Never Give Up

If you can master patience and perseverance, you can master anything. Change is not always easy; if it were, you’d have done it already. It requires a steely determination to not quit when the going gets tough. This is one of the key foundations onto which all goals are built.

5. Accept Your Flaws

I know, I know, we just spoke about never giving up. And, yes, you can always try to better yourself in any way, shape, or form you see fit. But given that change is a lifelong process, you also have to accept that you are not perfect and never will be. Think of yourself as a work in progress.

6. Make Better Decisions

You make hundreds of choices each and every day: which sweater to wear, what to put in your sandwich, which playlist to listen to. It’s the big decisions, however, that really matter. Get those right and your life can change in all sorts of positive ways.

7. Practice Gratitude Daily

You will not appreciate anything until you can appreciate everything. Ok, that’s a nice sound bite, but realistically speaking, this doesn’t have to include the really bad stuff (we’re not trying to diminish serious trauma here). It should, however, include all the little things you probably overlook on a daily basis, but that make life so worthwhile.

8. Be Open-minded

There are many opinions and many perspectives in this world; yours will be different to those held by others. Seek to remain open to the possibility that what you believe to be true isn’t necessarily the case. Most things are subjective and to think otherwise is a barrier to growth.  

9. Commit To Lifelong Learning

We learn things each and every day; life is always providing lessons. But you can also commit to a life of serious, meaningful learning in order to challenge yourself, grow your mind and perspectives, and promote good mental health and brain health.

These are some goals to keep in mind.

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