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With each passing grade, every student feels the need to improve himself/herself. They want to make the best out of the resources that are available for them. It is in human nature to grow & students are the best example to showcase the need for growth. The following are some tips which will help you to reach the highest goal in academics & will let you explore your capabilities to the maximum extent.

Self-Study: Grab the points yourself


The aim of self-study is to prepare yourself for the upcoming lecture. You can try it both the ways, i.e., before & after the lecture. First one suggests studying the lesson, even before you start it with the class. You have to just go through the chapter once & draw the conclusions yourself. Then you can clarify the points that did jot down earlier while the teacher explains the topic. This way, you can understand the chapter better. Since, you have already read the points & reached to a conclusion based on your understanding. You will be able to reflect the true conclusions with guide during the next session of your self-studies.

The latter techniques should be used when the topic has already been discussed in the class. This should be applied to the topic of which you have never heard about. The hardest lessons that require the knowledge of proper terms & conditions. Drawing conclusions, yourself to such topics will affect the understanding of the chapter.

Either ways, you will be studying the same chapter twice or thrice (based on your self-assessment). So, this is the best method to grab some scoring points.

Increase your focus

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To study with a more focussed mind, you must be relaxed & free of presumptions. To reach that state, you will have to complete all your distracting activities before the self-studying sessions. Loss in focus or any kind of distraction will never help you to improve even if you work hard. So, even if you study for only 2 hours, make them worth. Studying for long hours & without focus will lead to depression, because you might think that even with you hard work, you are not improving. So, work smarter as well as harder

Lose the distractions

Complete every activity that you want to do before you study. Once you have finished the work, you can study with a free mind. If you are being distracted with something that your friends or family is doing, try to change the surroundings with a positive approach.

Set a Time table

Being self-disciplined is one of the hardest things to achieve. But it is one of the best things to follow. It enables you to achieve your goals in a time period. Allotting a time to each of your work will get it done just right in time.


Set a goal & achieve with better time management & self-discipline. There is nothing impossible because the word itself says ‘I M Possible’, only if you want it to be.

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