Tips On Using The Planner

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One of the most useful parts of the Planning Tool is the Planner tips that will help you create the best future. It is a must to read the whole chapter because it has some useful and practical tips on making your planning tool better.


The first tip is to be aware of time travel. Time travel happens. If you are interested in using Planner then you should also know about this tip.

The second tip is to consider what ultimate goal you want to achieve by using Planner. It is important to remember that a single step is not enough to reach the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal depends on the efforts that you have already put in the plan.

The third tip is to remember that every single thing that you will do in your future will take effort. Therefore you need to be organized so that you can allocate the time and energy needed for each thing.

Tips on Using The Planner

The fourth tip is to use the planning tool as you would a book. Your mindset should change from the perspective of the book. Your mind should be more open so that you can better visualize the steps you are taking and the processes you are going through.

The fifth tip is to be more creative with your thinking through “for one’s approach”. Do not get too rigid, but be more adaptable with your thinking. It is a great method to help you get rid of time paradoxes.

The sixth tip is to become familiar with the structure of your Planner. For instance, you may not be sure how to convert your current month’s progress to the next year.

The seventh planner tips are also about viewing the world from a different perspective. To give you an example, the opposite of hell is called paradise. So you should be positive about the future so that you can create the best possible future.

Tips on Using The Planner

The eighth tip is to be patient because it is only human to think that the obstacles are too big to overcome. You should remember that each obstacle is in a state of transition, so there is always room for improvement.

The ninth tip is to manage your emotions in the context of Planner tips. There are times when you can’t control your emotions and these times are very important for you to be calm.

The tenth tip is to create something on a budget. You can create some items in your home with your own money if you are busy and if you don’t have enough money to buy it.

Bottom Line: Using Planner

The eleventh tip is to realize that the perfect future depends on your mindset and what you are doing now. You cannot create a perfect future from anything.

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