Why We Need A Financial Planner

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When I was a planner, I had many questions for myself. Of course, my query was “Why do I need a planner?” There are many reasons that we need to use a planner and the list is endless.

What if I lost my job and needed to get a life insurance policy? I would be financially insecure and unable to meet the expenses of my family if I didn’t have a planner to assist me in preparing a budget. You might not think this, but without a budget, you might lose your home and your cars. Hence, I think, we need a budgeting plan.

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Why We Need A Financial Planner

Bankruptcy: Planner

Bankruptcy is not an excuse; you can’t leave it at that and simply wake up the next day and say “Well, I’m bankrupt.” You need to prepare for bankruptcy and have to learn the signs of bankruptcy, otherwise, you will be filing for bankruptcy while you’re sleeping.

What about medical bills? You might not know that you are bankrupt until you consult a financial planner. Well, there is good news. If you call your financial planner and tell him that you are bankrupt, then he will try to prepare a budget for you.

Prepare For Your New Budget.

You may even have a previous plan for your finances. This is good news, but it’s not good if you don’t learn how to manage the new budget. You have to tell your planner for your previous plan. Then he will help you prepare for your new budget.

Do you need life insurance? Many people think they don’t need to get life insurance, but you never know when tragedy could strike and you may need to ask for life insurance. Your life insurance may be required by your employer.

For some, their annual income may be high and that makes them unable to get life insurance. We can’t afford to ask for life insurance.

My next question is “Do I need to pay for my down payment?” Most people think they don’t need to pay for a down payment, but when you become a homeowner, you’ll be asked to pay down your mortgage as well. I know for sure that I will be paying for my down payment when I buy my first house.

Would I be eligible for a tax deduction when I leave my employer? If you are considering getting out of your employer, you should not. You don’t want to pay taxes twice, not even in the same year!

So many people fail to put their savings in a bank. They leave their money with their boss, even though there is no guarantee that they will earn money from their employer. You should make sure you keep your money at a bank.

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Why We Need A Financial Planner

Final Verdict: Planner

We can’t afford to keep our money in a bank on a monthly basis. We need a planner because there is a long list of reasons we need a planner. We will also need a planner when we buy our first home when we are setting up a home business, and when we are buying our first car.

We know that there are many reasons why we need a planner. Hopefully, these reasons helped you see why we need a planner.

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